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Melissa Mark-Viverito podcast: Candidate for Congress, CD 15 (Bronx, New York)-June 15, 2020

June 15, 2020 Bronx, New York Melissa Mark-Viverito is a candidate for Congress in New York’s 15th congressional district.

Restorative Policing: RJI’s White Paper & Webinar (June 8, 2020)

June 8, 2020 12:00 noon Pacific Time RJI is re-posting our work on restorative policing. Restorative policing has important implications today for law enforcement and its response to crime or disturbances of any kind in communities in the U.S.

Stephon Clark-Police Shooting in Sacramento, California (March 30, 2018)

March 30, 2018 Having spent most of my legislative career in Sacramento, California, California’s capitol city, it is even more difficult to write this post today.

Restorative Forum: Video Interview with Sir Charles Pollard (UK)-Former Chief Constable, Thames Valley Police

The following is an interview with Sir Charles Pollard conducted by the Restorative Forum and moderated by Miguel Linan. With permission we share this short and dynamic interview (9:55).

Davis Forum on Police Oversight & Restorative Justice (Davis, California)-Oct. 9, 2017

RJI was pleased to participate in the Davis Forum on Police Oversight and Restorative Justice. Lisa Rea, President, of Restorative Justice International (RJI) represented the global association.

Police Oversight & Restorative Justice Forum–Davis, California U.S. (10.9.17) We appreciate being asked to participate in this forum.

Restorative Policing Webinar Audio Release (recording: September 30, 2016)

RJI’s restorative policing webinar on September 30, 2016 featured two exceptional international experts on restorative justice. We share the 90-minutes audio of this webinar today. Dr. Paul McCold (U.S.