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RJI Global Advisory Council: March 30, 2021 Video Meeting on Hate Speech, Hate Crime & Restorative Justice

Recorded on March 30, 2021 530pm (Pacific) Today RJI is releasing the following virtual meeting with our Global Advisory Council (GAC) members (partial) held on March 30 which is a global discussion of hate crime, hate speech and restorative justi

Jack Sullivan Jr. Podcast: hate speech, hate crime, restorative justice (Ohio) Sept. 2019

September 6, 2019 2:00pm Pacific Standard Time Columbus, Ohio The Rev. Dr. Jack Sullivan, Jr., is the executive director of the Ohio Council of Churches, a 100-year-old ecumenical agency of 17 Ohio-based Christian denominations.

Hate crimes & restorative justice: Mark Walters podcast (UK) (March 2018 aired)

RJI is pleased to share the following podcast as we speak to Dr. Mark Walters, an international expert on the use of restorative justice with hate crimes. Mark is a professor of Criminal Law and Criminology at the University of Sussex in the UK.