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Colorado Victim Chooses Restorative Justice and Meets with Offender This is an excellent article, well written with the right emphasis and explanation of restorative justice, telling the story of Sharletta Evans.

Montana: restorative justice focuses on the victim

Montana gets it. Read this article about restorative justice in the state of Montana.

Restorative Justice & Forgiveness

I have noticed a new interest in forgiveness vis a vis restorative justice. It is not surprising given the power of forgiveness especially as expressed by victims of violent crime.

Offenders need to hear from crime victims. Victims need to hear from offenders.

I am including the following article I wrote for PFI’s a few years ago. It talks about my experience speaking at a California prison with crime victim/survivor Cheryl Ward-Kaiser.

Clergy Abuse & restorative justice

I wrote this piece some years ago. It is still true today. If you are a victim of abuse we want to hear from you. Restorative Justice must be applied in every case.

Televised interview with Lisa Rea & crime victim Russ Turner: TBN’s Lifestyle Magazine

The following is TBN’s Lifestyle Magazine’s interview with Lisa Rea, president & founder of RJI, and crime victim/survivor Russ Turner who heads The Candlelight Foundation.

Does Restorative Justice Mean Forgiveness?

This is a pretty controversial topic: forgiveness and restorative justice. Do all crime victims who support restorative justice therefore forgive? Does one come then the other? I don’t think so. I know many victims of violent crime who have forgiven.

Crime Victim Stephen Watt talks about restorative justice: a state trooper’s story

Wyoming state trooper Stephen Watt tells his story to Lisa Rea of Restorative Justice International. Watt was shot five times while on duty. He lived to tell the story. He also chose to meet the offender who shot him–on his own.

Wrongful convictions: apply restorative justice

I have met a number of exonerees in the U.S. These are men and women who were convicted and have served time for crimes they did not commit. I have written a number of blog articles on this subject that appear at www.rjonline.

NPR’s Talk of the Nation radio show: restorative justice

Take a listen. Hear victim of violent crime and survivor Cheryl Ward Kaiser. She talks about why she supports restorative justice and how she chose to be in contact with the offenders who killed her husband and raped her daughter.