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Remorse & Restorative Justice: Is It Needed?

Recently there have been some online discussions on the topic of remorse and restorative justice.  RJI has shared views here on our website on the topic of forgiveness and restorative justice.

Victim Initiated Restorative Justice (VIRJ)

RJI has launched Victim Initiated Restorative Justice (VIRJ). Contact us via this website if you are a crime victim/survivor interested in exploring restorative justice.

New Zealand Top Judge Sees Restorative Justice Potential

RJI is pleased to see the support from a top New Zealand judge, Sir David Carruthers. We agree. Restorative justice should be made available to crime victims at various points once they becoming victimized.

Crime Victim Finds Voice Through Restorative Justice

RJI likes this story. Once crime victims participate in restorative justice processes they often become the best advocates for restorative justice. This story covered by the BBC is one of those cases.

Restorative Justice in the UK: responding to juvenile crime

RJI likes this story because it is a simple way of showing how to apply restorative justice to low-level offenders in this case juveniles. The only thing missing from this story is that the offenders did not meet directly with the victim(s).

“I thought I Was Alone”—a Crime Victim’s story in Ohio

RJI is always encouraged when we hear from victims of crime who want to tell their stories. A victim of crime, Lynette,  from the state of Ohio contacted us regarding a “victims right to meet.

Lawmakers Should Give Victims the Right to Meet their Offenders

RJI supports a victims right to meet their offenders. We believe lawmakers in the U.S. and around the world should support this action. It is a victims right to restorative justice.

Rwanda: Gacaca Justice—did it go far enough? Is it restorative justice?

Did gacaca justice work in Rwanda after genocide? Is it restorative justice? Did the process go far enough? Restorative justice processes would hold offenders accountable while urging the restoration and healing, as much as possible, of victims of c

Must we take sides? Does restorative justice require us to do so? (en espanol)

Thank you to RJI member Virginia Domingo (Burgos, Spain) with the Institute for Restorative Justice (Amepax) for this article. Restorative justice is not about taking sides.

Restorative Justice in Kenya

Interest in restorative justice is global.  This is because crime injures and the traditional justice system(s) does very little to restore victims and communities injured by crime.