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RJI to Provide Training in Kenya on April 22: In-Prison Restorative Justice

RJI Announces Restorative Justice Training in Kenya on April 22, 2021 @ 9am Pacific

Restorative Justice International (RJI) is announcing online training in Kenya on April 22, 2021 900 am Pacific/ 7pm Kenya. The focus of the training is to introduce in-prison restorative justice programming which brings crime victims to prisons to share their stories. Lisa Rea, President and Founder, Restorative Justice International will present on this subject discussing the model program, Sycamore Tree Project, which brings victims and offenders together to discuss crime and its effect. Lisa Rea directed the first Sycamore Tree Project, through Prison Fellowship International, in 1998 in a Texas medium security prison. Lisa has 25 years of experience in restorative justice nationally and globally.

RJI is an association and network of over 6500 members and affiliates around the global advocating for victims-driven restorative justice as a foundation for criminal justice reform. Through restorative justice comes healing for crime victims, and communities, while seeking to transform offenders after crime. Offender accountability is a key tenet of restorative justice.

The Zoom video training is available to those who sign up. The fee to participate is $15.00 U.S. The training will run for 1 ½ hours taking questions and answers at the end of the session.

RJI is working with Chaplain Chrispinus and Preaj as a primary sponsor of this event.

To sign up and for more information contact Chaplain Chrispinus Wafula at the following email: To contact RJI send a message to us via our web portal at our website:

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Amb. Robert Njue Namu

Am happy to be a long time partner with preaj. This program will help our ministry a lot in reaching our to inmates through our peace and prison missions across the country.

God bless you all.