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RJI Global Advisory Council Meets: January 6th Attack on U.S. Capitol-(video) Jan. 15, 2021

Joining Global Advisory Council ‘s meeting on January 15th were the following members: Austin Stack (Ireland), Upneet Lalli (India), Don John Omale (Nigeria), Pastor Jack Sullivan Jr. (Ohio, U.S.) and Lisa Rea, RJI President and moderator. The purpose of this GAC meeting was to discuss the impact of the January 6th violent attack on the U.S. Capitol from a global perspective. It includes a discussion about political extremism, hate violence and hate crime, and the use of restorative justice to hold offenders accountable and seek peace.

RJI is committed to restorative justice which brings shalom to communities, and societies, injured by crime and violence. We thank our esteemed members of the GAC (partial) for their important contribution.


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