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RJI Global Advisory Council: March 30, 2021 Video Meeting on Hate Speech, Hate Crime & Restorative Justice

Recorded on March 30, 2021 530pm (Pacific)

Today RJI is releasing the following virtual meeting with our Global Advisory Council (GAC) members (partial) held on March 30 which is a global discussion of hate crime, hate speech and restorative justice. We discuss the recent upsurge of attacks on Asians as well as the increase of hate crime cases experienced around the world. Our dialogue is meant to educate, share information and propose possible solutions from a restorative justice perspective. 

We thank the following members for participating, some in the middle of the night: Dr. Sandro Calvani (Thailand), Jonathan Peter Clayton (South Africa), Peter B. Collins (California), Dr. Upneet Lalli (India), Paulo Moratelli (Brazil), Pastor Jack Sullivan Jr. (Ohio) and Lisa Rea, President, RJI moderating. (For more information on each member find the GAC list, and our entire council, under About Us on this site.) 

Where does restorative justice fit in? Does it? Listen to this comprehensive discussion. RJI urges the application of restorative justice principles to the toughest problems we face globally. To join us in this work contact RJI via our webpage portal.

(This meeting runs 1:30 minutes.) 


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