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RJI Global Advisory Council Meeting (Video): restorative policing, racial violence, restorative justice (June 19, 2020)

June 23, 2020 2pm Pacific Time

We share RJI’s Global Advisory Council (GAC) meeting on June 19, 2020 recorded live via video conference. We bring the video meeting to you which includes 1 1/2 hours of this intense and important GAC meeting with our global experts. RJI is pleased to share this conference with you to provide an important global perspective on justice, justice reform and restorative justice. At this hour we are choosing to share our meetings with you with our global experts when normally they are internal.

The following countries were represented through our GAC: Paulo Moratelli (Brazil), Upneet Lalli (India), Pastor Jonathan Peter Clayton (South Africa), Pastor Jack Sullivan Jr. (Ohio, U.S.) and Lisa Rea, president of RJI and moderator. (See the full Global Advisory Council team on this site to learn more about our esteemed advisors and the work they do globally.)

Subjects on the agenda today included racial violence, policing and restorative policing, RJI covid-19 reports in prisons & jails and restorative justice work being done globally. RJI’s White Paper and webinar on restorative policing was discussed as well as our global recommendations on covid-19 in our justice systems. (the white paper and covid-19 recommendations can be found on our website under News)

To support RJI’s work contribute at our website. Choose to join RJI as an Affiliate member or suggest another form of partnering. We need restorative justice today to bring hope to so many.

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