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RJ World: Speeches with RJI President Lisa Rea & Jeffrey Deskovic (Oct. 2020)

The following is a zoom video recording of presentations made by RJI President & Founder Lisa Rea and Jeffrey Deskovic of the Deskovic Foundation (New York). The presentations first aired during the RJ World conference coordinated by Martin Howard (Australia) in August 2020. RJI was a co-sponsor of the RJ World conference.

The topic: the work of RJI advocating for victims-driven restorative justice and Deskovic’s work for the wrongfully convicted. Deskovic sits on RJI’s Global Advisory Council. We discuss the intersection of restorative justice with wrongful convictions and the vision of restorative justice that drives RJI’s work for systemic justice reform nationally and globally.

The RJ World interview is moderated by Peter B. Collins of Collins Media Services based in San Francisco. Listen to these comprehensive interviews.

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