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Melissa Mark-Viverito podcast: Candidate for Congress, CD 15 (Bronx, New York)-June 15, 2020

June 15, 2020

Bronx, New York

Melissa Mark-Viverito is a candidate for Congress in New York’s 15th congressional district.

Melissa is the former Speaker of the New York City Council and the first Puerto Rican, and Latina, to hold citywide office. She was first elected to the New York City Council’s 8th District in 2006 serving for 11 years before being elected unanimously as Speaker in 2014 and holding that position for three years.

During her tenure on the Council, Melissa has been a fierce and outspoken advocate for criminal justice reform, comprehensive immigration reform, and a champion in the housing crisis. She advocated for policies that created an Independent Commission to close Rikers Island jail, created a legal fund for unaccompanied minors and a defense fund to provide legal representation to immigrants faced with deportation. Prior to serving as Speaker, Melissa was the co-chair of the New York City Council Progressive Caucus.

In this podcast we talk to Ms. Mark-Viverito about her run for Congress and her views on criminal justice reform, racial violence, police reform, restorative policing, immigration reform and more. Listen.

For more information on Melissa Mark-Viverito’s candidacy:


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Susan Rocha —

Please change the justice system. Stop prosecuting the innocent. Remove prosecutor immunity.

I was maliciously prosecuted by Divine Saviour catholic churchmembers 90065 and the Los Angeles city attorney Mike Feurer prosecutors for a crime I did not commit. A jury found me not guilty. Churchmembers lied. I was maliciously prosecuted with no evidence or witnesses.

Stop prosecutor immunity.

    lisarea —

    thank you for your comments. We are sorry to hear of your story. RJI takes a strong position on wrongful convictions and support holding prosecutors accountable, and other justice stakeholders, when they do wrong,