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Margot Van Sluytman podcast- Sawbonna: Victims-Led Restorative Justice (Canada)-August 2020

August 7, 2020 10:00am Pacific

Today’s podcast is with Margot Van Sluytman from Ontario, Canada.

Margot is an award-winning and internationally recognized justice activist, poet, and writer who teaches Global Citizenship, at Centennial College in Toronto, Ontario. She is the founder of Theodore’s Place: Healing Home for Crime Survivors.

Her life’s work began at age sixteen when her father was murdered in an armed-robbery in Toronto in 1978. Since then Margot has been a driving force in her advocacy for Sawbonna: a new model of restorative justice, on resilience, and empowerment.

Margot has received numerous awards for her work including being nominated for the Justice Canada Excellence in Victims Service Award by Canadian Senator Kim Pate and receiving the alumni of Distinction from Centennial College for her work with The Sawbonna Project for Living Justice. The Department of Justice-Canada commissioned Margot  to write a paper on Sawbonna: Victims-Led Restorative Justice which was published in March 2020. (links below)

It is RJI’s great pleasure to share with you this podcast conversation with Margot where we hear her story and listen to her vision for our justice systems based on Sawbonna.


Theodore’s Place: Healing Home for Crime Survivors website:

Sawbonna: Victim-Led Restorative Justice.
Recent article on Margot’s work and journey:


(photo credit: Mozes Yehudaioff)

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