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Ailbhe Griffith podcast: victim of rape chooses restorative justice. (Dublin, Ireland) Feb. 25, 2020

Today’s podcast is with Ailbhe Griffith in Dublin, Ireland. Ailbhe was a victim of a violent sexual assault in 2005 in Dublin when she was 21 years old. RJI talks with Ailbhe about her choice to participate in a restorative justice meeting in 2014. Ailbhe is now a passionate advocate for restorative justice in serious violent cases including sexual violence.
Also joining the podcast is Dr. Marie Keenan, a forensic psycho-therapist, an Associate Professor at University College Dublin and a widely recognized expert in restorative justice. Dr. Keenan assisted Ailbhe in her restorative justice journey. Together Ailbhe and Dr. Keenan have spoken in Ireland and internationally promoting restorative justice as an important option for victims of violence.

Ailbhe was the subject of a film called The Meeting (link below) which tells her story. The graphic film is based on the real meeting that occurred between Ailbhe and the offender who committed a horrific sexual assault against her leaving her seriously injured and fearing for her life. Ailbhe chose to play herself; the offender was played by an actor. The Meeting was directed by one of Ireland’s most provocative filmmakers, Alan Gilsenan and produced by Thomas Hardiman. The Meeting was released in Ireland in 2018 and continues to have an impact nationally and globally. Dr. Keenan is also in the film playing herself.

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Producer: Tomás Hardiman

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