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Restorative justice action plan endorsed by Scotland’s Justice Minister (July 2019)

Restorative justice in Scotland. This is excellent news out of Scotland with the endorsement of a Restorative Justice Action Plan by Scotland’s Justice Minister.

Key to its plan is to keep crime victims in the center of the system–a key tenet of restorative justice processes. RJI is a strong advocate for victims-centered and victims-driven restorative justice. We believe restorative justice should be a “right” for victims and it should be in our statutes.

As restorative justice is spreading around the world RJI is telling the good news. Its only limitation is when we block restorative justice and limit how and when it is used. It should be considered for any type of offense, any type of offender (juvenile or adult) and at every step of the criminal justice system.

We must learn from those doing restorative justice in a robust manner globally. The evidence based research is there. Now we must apply what we know. Lawmakers must incorporate restorative justice into our justice systems. For more guidance from RJI contact us via our web portal.

Scotland’s news item via BBC News (June 28, 2019):

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