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Bill Jenkins Podcast: Victims’ Advocate & Victim of Violent Crime-Illinois (June 2019)

From Northfield, Illinois today’s podcast is with Bill Jenkins.

After his sixteen year-old son, William, was murdered at a fast food restaurant on August 12, 1997 Bill Jenkins authored What to do When the Police Leave: A Guide to the First Days of Traumatic Loss.  This book has become an essential resource for many crime victims on grief and bereavement after the traumatic death of a loved one. Bill speaks at national and regional conferences throughout the U.S. and Canada teaching and training victim advocates and others working in the criminal justice system. He has received many awards and recognition over the years from the victim advocacy community. This summer he will receive the John Gillis Leadership Award from the Parents of Murdered Children (POMC). Bill is a professional theatrical designer and artist.

In our podcast we hear Bill’s story and talk to him about his support for restorative justice and his advocacy work on behalf of victims of violent crime. RJI is honored to tell his story and introduce his work to you.


(photo: Bill Jenkins speaks at RJI’s  victims’ panel on restorative justice at the Correctional Ministries & Chaplains Association conference held at Wheaton College, May 29,  2014)


Bill’s book: What to do When the Police Leave

Also find his work at

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