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60 Minutes: Scott Pelley Examines Restorative Justice (May 12, 2019)

Good coverage on restorative justice by 60 Minutes with Scott Pelly (May 12, 2019) as he learns about the work of the Restorative Justice Project at the University of Wisconsin Law School, an affiliate of RJI. An excellent project.

For most who are learning about restorative justice perhaps for the first time the easiest way to explain it is to introduce them to victim offender dialogue. RJI calls it the “gold standard.” Restorative justice principles can be applied to any kind of crime, violent and nonviolent, and to juvenile offenders or adult offenders. It also can be applied to offenses committed by individuals or corporations.

To learn more about restorative justice work happening around the U.S. and globally see RJI’s list of affiliate members at our website. To be a sponsor of RJI’s work contact us via our web portal for more information.

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