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RJI Supports AB 3120: Childhood Sexual Abuse-Eliminating Statutes of Limitation (California)

June 7, 2018

RJI is pleased to support AB 3120 (as amended April 19) in the California Legislature authored by Assemblywoman

Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher which eliminates the statute of limitations (in civil cases) for victims of childhood sexual

abuse among other provisions. RJI has been a long supporter and advocate for those sexually abused in cases of

institutional abuse and others in authority. It is our view that victims-driven restorative justice should apply to each

case of sexual abuse which stresses offender accountability and provides avenues for the victim to be restored, as

much as possible.


Victims of abuse should have all the time they need to come forward and report the abuse that occurred. No arbitrary

time limit should impede victims of abuse as they seek justice and reparation from the justice system. AB 3120 also

addresses the need to hold all those accountable who have covered up abuse of children and have not reported the

abuse to law enforcement. This is an important provision that should be in any legislation or law to stop offenders from

abusing others.

We thank Assemblywoman Gonzalez Fletcher for carrying this important bill. RJI is in support of AB 3120 in the

California Legislature.


For a full copy of our support letter download PDF here.



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