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Podcast with Peter Woolf (UK): A Former Career Criminal Works for Restorative Justice (October 2018)

Today’s podcast is our conversation with Peter Woolf from the UK. Peter is an ex-offender describing himself as once a “career criminal and a heroin addict”  who spent some 18 years behind bars. Today he’s clean, crime free, and a well-known speaker, restorative justice consultant, addictions specialist and the author of his book, Damage Done. RJI talks to Peter about his past and how he came to be a passionate advocate for restorative justice since he met with two of his victims in prison in 2002. One of his victims is Will Riley, a London businessman.

We thank Peter Woolf for talking with RJI and for his contribution to the restorative justice movement in Europe and beyond.

This is Lisa Rea for RJI.


Below also find the excellent video “A Woolf Within” which is one of RJI’s favorites. We think it is one of the best introductions to restorative justice anywhere. You can order it through the UK charity: Why Me? ( Peter Woolf and Will Riley are co-founders of this London-based charity.


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