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New Zealand Restorative Justice Leaders: Radio New Zealand podcast (April 2018)

RJI is pleased to share the following podcast interview from Radio New Zealand with two important restorative justice experts who are greatly respected in the field of justice and restorative justice. Chris Marshall, professor, Victoria University of Wellington and Diana Unwin Chair in Restorative Justice, and retired district court and youth court judge Fred McElrea share their thoughts about restorative justice today and its importance to our justice systems.

The podcast (21 minutes) aired on April 15, 2018 on the Sunday Morning Show.  Marshall and McElrea talk about restorative justice in New Zealand and internationally. Since New Zealand has long been considered a country with deep roots in restorative justice, especially with youth, this podcast is important to hear. One key exchange includes a discussion about when restorative justice is applied (pre-sentencing or post-sentencing). Is there a need to make restorative justice more available to victims and offenders at various junctures? Listen.

Thank you to Radio New Zealand for allowing RJI to re-post this podcast.

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