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Joint Podcast: Ian Marder, CoRR (UK) & Lisa Rea, RJI (Jan. 2, 2018)

January 2, 2018

Today’s podcast recorded in December of 2017 is a joint podcast between Ian Marder, a ph.d. student and criminologist with the University of Leeds, School of Law and Lisa Rea, founder and president of RJI. Ian is also Founder of the Community of Restorative Researchers (UK). We are delighted to share this unique podcast with you.

RJI is in strong support of evidence based research when advocating for restorative justice globally. Public policy reforms must go hand-in-hand with evidence based research. Thus, we are particularly pleased to share this podcast with you and encourage you to check out the work of the Community of Restorative Researchers (CoRR).
As the restorative justice movement grows worldwide we are stronger when we work together. RJI is committed to that end.

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Rick Kelly —

This is an excellent discussion. I think it is quite relevant for anyone interested in knowledge mobilization and policy applications. Also it brings out the challenges to have narratives that embrace both the victim and offender perspectives. Lastly the discussion around hate crimes is very timely. Finally the model of sequential Circles is very important for those looking to wade into the polarization of groups and how to bridge this.

    lisarea —

    Thank you, Rick. Appreciate the comments. So many excellent people and organizations doing restorative justice around the globe.
    Now the challenge is to apply it broadly and to move into the mainstream of the public square.