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Helen Bowen podcast: criminal barrister, youth advocate, lawyer (New Zealand) May 2018

RJI is pleased to present our podcast with Ms. Helen Bowen, a restorative justice champion based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Helen Bowen is a criminal barrister, youth advocate and lawyer with 30 years’ experience. Helen, with colleague Jim Boyack, provided training for 80 community restorative justice facilitators in four courts in New Zealand. She has provided restorative justice training nationally and internationally, including working with the Thames Valley Police in London and community groups in Northern Ireland. Helen provides  professional development and supervision with Auckland restorative justice provider groups and specialises in the area of Health and Safety restorative justice conferences in Work Safe prosecutions.

In today’s podcast we cover a lot of ground as we discuss New Zealand’s use of restorative justice in their youth court system, public policing advances in the field, sexual offending and restorative justice, and victims-driven restorative justice. Where is New Zealand today as a trend setter in the field of restorative justice? Listen to Helen Bowen.

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Fiona Landon

HI, just want to add information about Project Restore NZ.
We provide a survivor driven restorative justice process for sexual / family violence cases and we have been doing so for 14 years. We are happy to share our experiences in this work with within the court system, before release and as a an alternative to the justice system.

    lisarea —

    Thank you for your feedback and the information. If you would like to provide us with more information please write us directly via our email address. We will post. RJI has heard good things about Project Restore NZ.


excellent thank you for information – I have sent to all my colleagues
5700 member reach is impressive