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South Yorkshire: Police Officers Supporting Victims’ Access to Restorative Justice (UK)

RJI is pleased to share this article highlighting the South Yorkshire Restorative Justice Hub with the full support of South Yorkshire police officers. Crime victims cannot access restorative justice unless they know it exists. At the same time restorative justice cannot be fully implemented unless programming exists and it is fully funded. Progress can be made in any state or country where the will exists to improve responses to crime that restore and heal.

RJI’s goal is to expand the use of restorative justice and make it fully available to crime victims of any type of crime if it is their choice to participate. Through restorative justice crime victims are more likely to be restored after crime. Offenders who participate are more likely to take responsibility for their actions leading to transformed lives. This is a win-win.


Police Officers to Provide Information to Victims on Restorative Justice

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