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RJI Podcast with Martin Howard: In-Custody Restorative Justice (Queensland, Australia) May 2017

We are very pleased to share this podcast with you as we talked with Martin Howard of Queensland, Australia about his experience with the Sycamore Tree Project, an in-prison restorative justice program bringing together victims of crime and offenders. Martin has been an advocate for restorative justice for 20 years. He serves on the board of Restorative Practices International in his home state. Martin is also a web designer creating websites for many restorative justice organizations including, the Centre for Justice & Reconciliation, and

This is RJI’s first podcast. If you like it contribute to us. We plan to do more!

(aired may 18, 2017)


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Leslie McDonald —

Great Information…Thanks for sharing this podcast and the background for Sycamore Tree.