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Restorative Forum: Video Interview with Sir Charles Pollard (UK)-Former Chief Constable, Thames Valley Police A Quick Word with Sir Charles Pollard

The following is an interview with Sir Charles Pollard conducted by the Restorative Forum and moderated by Miguel Linan. With permission we share this short and dynamic interview (9:55). Sir Charles Pollard is a former Chief Constable, Thames Valley Police (1991-2002). Thames Valley Police is the largest non-metropolitan police force in England and Wales. Sir Charles is currently non-exec Chairman of Restorative Solutions in the UK.

We share this interview because of Sir Charles’ rich history in the restorative justice movement and his important contribution to that movement particularly through his groundbreaking efforts to bring restorative justice to bear in policing. May we learn as we work to understand how to make “restorative policing” a reality in law enforcement around the globe.

RJI is committed to restorative policing. Find our webinar and white paper (2016) on this topic at this site under News.

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Hezekiah Olujobi

What a similar experience here in Nigeria! Thanks for the sharing experience. I realized that most Nigerian police and judges are always embrace the ideas of Restorative Justice, the problem is nobody is going to tell them to apply it in a particular case. In my experience here the state always against the idea, there was a case I tried to mediate between the offender and the victim, I was accused of interrupting justice, eventually the matter was resolved when I got to the judge in his chamber. Restorative Justice seems to be one of the best options in criminal justice system.