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Bill Pelke & George White Podcast: Restorative Justice & the Death Penalty (10.17 aired)

RJI is very pleased to interview Bill Pelke and George White, co-founders of the Journey of Hope: From Violence to Healing. Bill and George have both been long time supporters of restorative justice. Bill Pelke now sits on RJI’s Global Advisory Council. Bill is a victim of violent crime whose grandmother was viciously murdered. George White is a victim of violent crime and was wrongfully convicted for the death of his own wife. Listen to the stories and passion of both these individuals. We are honored to tell their stories and acknowledge how they are changing our justice system in the U.S. and worldwide. This is the intersection of restorative justice and the death penalty.

Learn about the Journey’s on their website at www. RJI is pleased to support the work the Journey does. Because of the Journey RJI has connected with so many victims of violent crime who are working to change the justice system for the better. They, too, have stories to tell. Listen.

This is Lisa Rea for RJI.

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