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Texas University Study Finds Restorative Justice Lowers Recidivism Rates in Offenders

July 2016

A Texas study conducted by researchers at Sam Houston University’s Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology  concluded restorative justice processes lower recidivism rates in juveniles. The study was published in  Youth Violence and Juvenile Justice.

For more information on the study:

RJI is encouraged to again share such evidence based research regarding restorative justice and recidivism rates. Studies worldwide show that not only do recidivism rates drop in offenders through the use of restorative justice processes but victims of crime are also more satisfied with the results once participating. Both facts are important and must be noted. RJI calls for increased monies to be spent by governmental agencies to fund evidence based research to track the increase use of restorative justice and its positive effects. Such studies should be then shared with governing bodies with legislative authority.

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