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Lewisburg Federal Prison in U.S. Restorative Justice Requires Humane Treatment of Offenders.

RJI shares the following National Public Radio story on the treatment of inmates at Lewisburg Federal Prison in Pennsylvania (U.S.). It is a deeply disturbing report on the use of double solitary cells inside the prison’s special management unit. We thank NPR for the coverage as well as The Marshall Project.

RJI advocates for systemic reform of our justice systems based on restorative justice which would require the humane treatment of all inmates in custody.  Transparency is required when offenders are in custody wherever they are held. The public should know how offenders are treated inside our prisons and jails. We know from evidenced based research that transformation of offenders and lower recidivism rates can only happen through the use of programming that allows real rehabilitation to occur. But no rehabilitation can occur in the face of gross human rights violations.

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Agnes Furey —

Individuals subjected to prolonged abuse will leave prison with anger and more likely to recidivate.