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Cape Town, South Africa: Pastor Jonathan Peter Clayton joins RJI ‘s Global Steering Committee

March 2016

RJI announces the appointment of South African Reverend Jonathan Peter Clayton to serve as a member of RJI’s Global Steering Committee.  Pastor Clayton along with his wife Jenny Clayton direct the Hope Prison Ministry.  We are so encouraged by his important work in the prisons of South Africa. Much of Clayton’s prison work is done inside Pollsmoor Maximum Security Prison which once housed Nelson Mandela. (Pictured in this photo: Jonathan Peter Clayton and Jennifer Chatburn,  a victim of violent crime who supports restorative justice and works with the Clayton’s ministry.)

As with Reverend Clayton RJI embraces the vision for reform that restorative justice provides. It offers hope to all those injured by crime and violence: victims, offenders and communities. And through victims-driven restorative justice we can invest in a response to crime that heals. This is a global problem with a global vision for change. RJI is so pleased to have him on our team.


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