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Poll: Overwhelming Support for Restorative Justice

Results from a national poll in July 2015 shows overwhelming support for restorative justice in the UK, especially giving crime victims the right to restorative justice. This news is according to the UK’s Restorative Justice Council.  This is important polling results confirming RJI’s top legislative goal to give crime victims the right to restorative justice.

When victims choose to participate in restorative justice it often means meeting their offenders directly. Sometimes victims participate in restorative justice via in-custody programs using surrogates (real victims and offenders but unrelated cases). RJI believes victim offender dialogue or family group conferencing (family members of both victim and offender are present with a facilitator) is the gold standard.

As was found in this poll expansion broad-based education is needed to educate victims of crime about restorative justice  Funding of good restorative justice programming is essential. Restorative justice which is victims-driven stresses  offender accountability while increasing victims satisfaction for those who participate.

See the poll at the link below.


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