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Australia: Evidence Based Research Shows Dramatic Results in Support of Restorative Justice

This is excellent news from Australia. Cutting edge evidence based research from Australia National University (ANU) shows dramatic results from the use of restorative justice. Offender recidivism rates  are greatly affected with the use of restorative justice, especially when victims and offenders meet.  According the news report and comments made by ANU Professor John Braithwaite, “It found the frequency of repeat offending to be down as much as 55 percent for some offences, compared to those dealt with by the criminal justice system without restorative meetings with their victims.”

While offender recidivism rates drop sharply victims are much more satisfied from participating in restorative justice processes. In the world of corrections in the U.S. or globally these statistical research cannot be ignored. This news is critical on many levels. It shows that public policy makers and justice officials worldwide must take heed.  Restorative justice works!

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